Get Connected!

Here are some awesome gatherings happening around the city!

What is happening in Edmonton?

Edmonton has some incredible gatherings happening where you can meet some great friends, learn new skills, ask hard questions and be encouraged through your life. This is just a start to the list of great times to involved or check out something new. Keep your eyes open for more to come!


This September, Celebration Church is launching church wide Connect Groups for the fall semester. Connect Groups have anywhere from 3-12 people and get together once a week to hang out, learn and grow in God’s word together. Starting the week of September 12th, we'll be launching Connect Groups that will run for 8 weeks in coordination with their Sunday message series "Character Under Construction". You can search for the Connect Group that best fits your schedule and needs by going online!


"Gatherings consist of times of extended worship, preaching of the Word, and time given for the Holy Spirit to minister. We also believe in having a community building component to the evening. Gatherings focus on equipping and stirring the Church. Resurgence is for people who want more of God and want to see lives transformed. As an expression of unity, Resurgence gathers together people of all ages and denominations. We have held gatherings in Baptist, Pentecostal, Presbyterian, Salvation Army, and non-denominational churches.

In Edmonton, they hold a Resurgence Gathering each month. They also have gone to other towns and cities and feel called to see gatherings happen in other cities across Canada and beyond!"

You can search online for their next gathering!

EPIC Student Church

This student church is EVERY TUESDAY NIGHT at Dewey’s Coffee Bar, Lounge, & Eatery.

"What you can expect at EPIC Gatherings (it’s not your typical ‘songs and a sermon’ church service!):

  • Collaborative, student-oriented leadership.
  • A relaxed, relationally-focused setting with small round tables and chairs, no cathedral or big-stage theater setting.
  • Great conversations and opportunities to meet new people in a casual atmosphere–with a beer or latte in hand.
  • Live interviews with passionate individuals from both within and outside of the U of A community.
  • Opportunities to get involved in social action and other community groups and initiatives on campus, in Edmonton, and beyond
  • Meaningful worship liturgies that enhance a mystical/spiritual perspective while connecting with everyday life.
  • Challenging, engaging, and thought-provoking speakers.
  • Live community dialogues on various themes (communal, conversational learning).
  • Personal stories of interaction with God from EPIC community members.
  • Flexible, interactive smaller group discussion and ministry times (including prayer & sacramental practices like communion)."


"The Red Frog Crew has more connections than Rogers and has a habit of hooking up university students all around Canada. Whether it be connecting university students with local church communities when they move to a new city, to assisting students with sugar and caffeine when those assignment due dates hit! Having the Red Frog Crew on your campus creates many memories and fills your residence with lots of fun."


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