YA Fiction: Matched

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Fiction itself!

What is fiction? By definition, it means a work that is not true. But, what is it really? To most it means a world of fantasy that conforms into reality. It means a world of ups and downs that seem real enough to ride. It is a world that evolves as the characters in it evolve. The characters that seem so believable. So real. The characters that teach us how to take control but let it soar. The characters that teach us that life is not so easy. The characters that teach us that there is always a solution. Through a world both fantasy and reality evolves fiction. A world never seen before.
The world of "Matched" is created beautifully by Ally Condie. In a society where officials decide who you love, work, and die, Cassie(the main character) defies all the odds and ventures out into a new world. She gains more perspective on life as she figures out that love is more than just a given, it is a choice. By being more vulnerable and steadfast at the same time, she discovers that the world she lives in is not exactly what is seems.
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A Whole New World of Matched

Both "A Whole New World" and "Matched" have a similar theme of discovery. In both forms of media, the characters discover the beauties of the worlds they live in through other characters which is a beautiful thing.