4 New Animals found on Pac Land

Find out about the new species.

Pac land

Like Australia, Pacland has been separated from any continent for a long time and has developed unique animals. Without further adue, I present to you, the glowinus camba, the swimeri aves, the ahpromihcales selachimorpha, and the smalius ichthyolos. These animals are simply known as the glow-in-the-dark plankton, the swimming bird, the backwards shark and the small fish. 

Some of the animals

These Animals are an important discovery

The Glow-in-the-dark plankton

The new species of plankton is much larger than the normal plankton. They can grow up to 10 cm if they survive long enough. The most interesting thing about this species, is that it glows in the dark. After absorbing the light during the day, shine like lightbulbs during the night. This makes them easy prey for birds.

The Swimming Bird

The bird swims up to 200m deep for a maximum time of 30 minutes per breath. It hunts in the night and preys on the glowing plankton. During the day, it sleeps on the island. This bird will dig holes in the beach and sleep in the holes. Animals on the island cannot find them there.

The Backwards Shark

The shark has developed many interesting techniques to hunt down birds. It will swim backwards stealthily in the dark. It’s also camouflaged black for camouflage. The shark gets closer and closer, and then whacks the unfortunate bird with its tail. This fish is a night hunter. It sleeps in crevices and reefs during the day.

The Small Fish

The small fish is small but don’t let that fool you. Its teeth are sharp and they are never alone. They work in a team to down large prey like sharks. They seek out the sharks in the day, find where they sleep, and kill them. They sleep at night. They do not like fighting plankton.


These animals were discovered by Dwarne Ele and are going to be used in Cook Primary School as faction mascots."These animals are perfect for faction mascots because they work in teams, are bright and think out of the box."-Wadner Eel, Principal of Cook Primary.