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Rail travel was the primary mode for transportation in america for the first half of the 19th century. Railroads served as the connection between East and West and were by far the fastest and most convenient ways to travel.


There is a lack of accessibility to many locations around the country. Because tracks aren't flexible,like the highway system, rail transport has to rely on other modes of transportation to get shipments to destinations where there is no rail network. using rail is also slow, but can be made up for more in the fact that with modern technology, rail is quite punctual. Even security is very low. And checking is not done properly. as a result many bomb blasts take place in the trains.

some of the railraods


John Curr invented railroad tracks. During this time he made a number of innovations that contributed significantly to the development of the coal mining industry and railways.

Important people

John Curr invented a track inform of a flanged rail that cast by the Butterly ironworks. Benjamin Outram also helped John Curr invent those kind of tracks.

How it relates to ND

it Relates to ND because we have a lot of tracks still left in ND and we had a lot more back in the day.