Facts about the Oneida tribe

Oneida tribe of Wisconsin

The Oneida tribe culture

This part of the s'more is all about their culture. I hope you enjoy. Now let me tell you that they used everything they had available.

What did the Oneida tribe eat ?

The Oneida tribe ate corn, beans, fruit and veggies. One thing I know is good today, from experience, is fried bread.

Where did they get their clothes?

They got their clothes from the skin of the animals that they killed. They never just killed for the fun of it. They used everything that the animal had.

What kind of homes did they live in?

They lived in long houses with one or more families. You could tell if it was full by the top if there was smoke then it was full.
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What did they use to build their homes ?

They used the bark from the trees. The tree that they used the bark from was used on the in side

What responsibilities did the men have?

The men had to fish, hunt and gather wood. It was probably really hard but I don't know that much.

What responsibilities did the woman have?

The women of the Oneida tribe had to cook food, clean, sew clothes and gather food like nuts, berries, fruit, veggies. I bet it was hard.

The oneida tribes traditions

At the oneida tribes celebrations and traditions they played fun games.The really fun games are called lacrosse and others.


That is all we have we hope you enjoyed.