Irish Dancing

By: Priscilla S, Daisy G, April E, Monica M


The Celts brought their folk dancing with them when they migrated to Ireland over two thousand years ago.They would dance as part of their religious rituals, but it then carried over into all kinds of celebrations.


  • Irish dancing has been around since the 16th and 17th centuries.The origin is not clear, however, there is evidence that Celtics created it, using the dancing which is now known as irish dancing to honour the oak tree and the sun.

Fun Facts

  • Most irish dancers use hard shoes for the noise
  • the focal point of irish dancing is the leg movement
  • Irish dancing is basically Tap Dance


  1. You learn how to recognize repetitive steps and you improve your memory.

  2. It benefits your heart more than cycling or swimming.

  3. It’ll boost your confidence and improves your social skills.

  4. Irish dancing is usually used for therapy for people who have Parkinson's disease.

  5. It improves your posture, you have to be in a certain position that won't end up hurting you.

  6. Irish dancing increases your self-esteem to do well while performing.

  7. It's great exercise, including a bunch of leg work and jumping while dancing.

  8. Improves your stamina.

What they wear

Boys and girls wear very distinctive costumes. Girls must wear white poodle socks or black tights. Competition dresses have changed in many ways since Irish Dance first appeared.