Columbian Exchange

By: Jazmin Bleakley

what is columbian exchange?

Columbian exchange was a period in history where there were exchanges cultural and biology between the new world and the old world.Before Columbus we only knew the history of seprate regions but he changed all of that.The Columbian exchange also known as the grand exchange widespread exchange of plants, animals, culture, and people (slaves)

how columbian exchange has helped us

Columbian exchange has helped us because it has gave us many animals. It has given us cattle (cows), horses , and buffaloes. cattle (cows) has helped us by giving us fresh milk. Horses has helped us by getting us places faster instead of walking. Last but not least buffaloes has helped us because native Americans made something called buffalo hunting. It helps us hunt faster and safer.

how columbian exchange has hurt us

columbian exchange has hurt us because there were lots of diseases. One of those diseases was THE POTATO FUNGUS. The potato fungus was a horrific experince for most people. The reason it was so horrific was because for most people it was the only thing that they could eat. This disease killed many many people. That's how columbian exchange has hurt us.

are you with it or against it?

I am with the columbian exchange. I am with it because without the columbian exchange we wouldn't have pizza,or sugar so we wouldn't have doughnuts.If columbian exchange wouldn't have horses or live like we are today.
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