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Acton Weekly Update 11/1/19

Things to Know

Staff Spirit Wear: PTO has created an order form for new staff apparel. Orders can be placed online and the ordering is available until November 9th.


Major Saver Fundraiser Information:

Collection Dates: Monday, November 18th – Monday, November 25th

Program Details:

· The Major Saver Card! Major Saver has added even more value to our $15 card by increasing the number of establishments to 21 Buy-One-Get-One Free offers.

· Our program is hassle free and does not impact instructional time. During the Collection process your staff will not have to do anything, WE DO ALL THE WORK! We collect the money, track the sales and distribute cards and prizes.

· Marketing Materials – WE NEED YOUR HELP!!

o We have a very limited time, 1 week, to raise your school the most money possible.

o Anything you can do to help advertise is greatly appreciated! A little effort goes a long way!

Post attached ad on social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc)

Parent Email Blast

Safe Schools Video on Dyslexia is a REQUIRED video for staff to view. We have a PD time scheduled to view if you want to use that time. If you'd prefer to watch it on your own, then you will have that PD time to work on your own.

The Acton Link

Click here for a list of helpful school specific links.

PBIS Central

Click here for anything and everything Acton PBIS.

19/20 SOS Form

Print this off and fill it out or make a copy and send to Brook.

Coaches Corner

Happy Friday Friends!

Thank you for continuing to post your essential questions in places that are readily available to our students and for referencing those questions before, during, and after your lessons. There is a substantial amount of research showing that if students fully understand not only what they are learning but the practicality of the learning and what it personally means to them, they are much more likely to see the meaningfulness of the task and to engage and learn during the lesson. Just adding this simple step to our lesson planning will make our lessons much more effective and learning all the more efficient for our students! In other words, more bang for your buck.

Word Work Tip: Having trouble keeping kids on task with Word Work for a full 20 minutes? The recommendation from the creators of the program is to have students do Word Work for 10 minutes and then let them choose Read to Self or Work on Writing for the remainder of the time.

Check out this LINK for some fun ideas!

Upcoming Dates:

Q2C1 Posttest given by 11/15

Data entered by 11/18

Data discussed 11/20

Q2C2 Pre-assessment given 11/25

Data discussed 11/26

There are no written documentation expectations during data discussions. The expectation is that grade levels are holding quality conversations using their data to form groups, discuss interventions, and to work on mini-lessons, IRAs, and GR templates.

Brook and I will be working with 3rd -5th next week to discuss the Q1 benchmark, bridgeweek expectations, cycle doc contents, Airways benchmarks, and other pertinent items. Please bring your Chromebooks.

Have a great weekend! As usual, please let me know how I can help/support you!

19/20 Collaboration Schedule

Tuesday and Wednesday PD Schedules. This may change and will be updated throughout the year.

Counselor Corner

Conscious Discipline

This is the brain smart start we learned on Wednesday during our PBIS refresher. It is super easy, fun and to a more "hip" song if you will.


A big shout out to Allison Milholland who was retweeted by Conscious Discipline this week!

Big picture

Coming Up

Cogat this week


Emergency Drills 2:30 PM

Coach Appreciation Day! Thanks Jen!


Collaboration: Conscious Discipline Video #4

Family Game Night


Collaboration: Team Focus- Meet as a Team/ CORE TEAM

Q2 Midterm Window Opens

Fourth Grade CFA Team Meetings 1:45-3:20


Fifth Grade CFA Team Meetings 1:45-3:45

PTO Meeting


Third Grade CFA Team Meetings 1:45-3:45


4 Drills (All)

4 Coach Appreciation Day

5 Counselor Meeting

5 Family Game Night

6 -11 Teacher window open

7 PTO Meeting

11 Veteran’s Day Assembly

13 Field Trip forms due

13 Midterm grades post for parents

14 2nd grade music program

15 All Pro Dads

25 4th grade field trip

27-29 Thanksgiving break

FTCSC Hedgehog Focus

The Hedgehog Concept is based on an ancient Greek parable that states, "The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing." ... Hedgehogs, however, simplify the world and focus on a single, overarching vision, which they then achieve.

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