Egypt's Geography

Walk Like An Egyptian

Sahara Desert ....... OOOOOHH!!! That girl is on fire!!!! .. Nah.. Literally

The Sahara Desert was considered a big part of Egypt's geography. The desert consisted of lots of heat from the sun and sand. No people lived in the Sahara Desert at this time due to the amount and intensity of the heat. It was unbearable for both humans and animals. This however, was an advantage for the egyptians. The heat was so unbearable that all enemies could not get through the Sahara alive. Thus, keeping the Ancient Egyptian Civilization safe.

The Nile River

The Nile River....I swear the Nile is in denial....Saying he don't flood.....Pshhhh

I would consider the Nile River to be Ancient Egypt's biggest advantage. Humans can't live without water and the Nile contains a lot of water. The Nile provided not only water but Fertile Land. This allowed farmer's to use the water to make an irrigation system to water their plants as well as give the crops more nutrients that came from the soil made fertile by the Nile. However, The Nile was also a disadvantage. The Nile flooded at times which caused the flow of the water to rise up to the land and not only destroy crops but also homes. However, The egyptians still thought of it as a gift from the gods due to the surplus of water.

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