Ethical Reshearch


Gathering Relevant Information

I can use the CIA Page, The Mid-continent webpage, or the Escbo host. (Go to The Lakeview homepage, Then go to About our school, Then Media center, Then to General/primary Resources).

I can generate a research question by Thinking of a problem.

Keywords/Credible research

How i'll find Keywords in text is Ctrl+F

.Com is as Safe as .Gov or .Edu and sometimes .Org, But if it has adds it isn't safe.

If it has a copy right date it is safer than most, but still isn't the safest.

Difference between Paraphrasing, Quoting, and Summerizing

Paraphrasing is taking a text and making it your own words.

Quoting is taking the Exact text but putting it in Quotation marks "".

While Summarizing is just making the Essay/Paragraph/Sentence/etc shorter and basically stating the main idea


Plagiarism is where you take someone else's work and make it your own, without permission, stating the place/person you got it from. Plagiarism is a Federal offence, if your in college it will get you kicked out. If your in the Government you will get thrown in jail.
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How to Avoid Plagarism

You can avoid Plagiarism by citing your resources, also known as telling where you got it. You state the Author, The Name of the Website/essay/book, Date or Last update/Publish, and then the URL (if Website)

MLA Citation

This is the citation and it basically just says where you got the page and who the author is because like the picture says above, if you don't use citations then your stealing and being a thief