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There are different kinds of dog`s.There are Labredoes,Pwdls,Rotwailers,Terriers,Blak lab`s`,Golden retrevers,King charels,Bulldog`s ,German shepard`s ,Yorkshire terrier,Beagle,Sibrean Husgy,Boxer,Pug,Einglish Mastiff,Dachshund,Doberman pinscher,Grate dane,Shih Tzu,Bullterrier,Border Colli,Pembroke Welsh Corgi,Frensh Bull Dog,Chow Chow,Dalmasien.The best type of dog`s for hunting are Blaklabs and Rottwailers.The most abidinte dog breads are Pugs,Golden retriever and rottwilers/terrier.The best dogs for blind pepol are Golden rettrifers


Horses sleep both laying dawn and standing up.Horses have around 205 bones in their skeleton.Horses can run shortly after ther born.Because horseโ€™s eyes are on the side of their head they are apable of seeing nearly 360 degrees at one time.A yong male horse is called a colt and a yong female is called a filly.Domestic horses have a lifespan of around 25 years.


There are diffrent kinds of cats like black cats some pepol say that black cats are lucky and normal cat`s arnt.

Every year, nearly four million cats are eaten in Asia. During the time of the Spanish Inquisition, Pope Innocent VIII condemned cats as evil and thousands of cats were burned. Unfortunately, the widespread killing of cats led to an explosion of the rat population, which exacerbated the effects of the Black Death


In the wild, rabbits have plenty to keep them occupied, from foraging to reproduction to territorial defence. Captive rabbits, on the other hand, often lack stimulation, which can lead to behavioural problems and poor health


World of Owls very own Stuart & Mike will be working with the fanstaic team in Davao, Philippines to aid education and awareness to the conservation work done by the research and education teams at the centre.


Degus are fun, easy to look after, and interesting pets. However, you should never adopt a pet before fully understanding what the commitment involves. Here are 10 of the most important things you should know about the behaviour and habits of degus before adopting one.


The best tipe of gide dog are Golder retriver,labredor retriver and german shepards. The best kind of seizure alert dogs are Golden Retriever, Setter mixes, Samoyed crosses, Border Collie crosses, German Shepherd. The most popular kind of fire dog breeds are Dalmatian.

Wild dogs

NAME: Side-Striped Jacka.

HOW BIG THEY ARE: Up to 12kg, 26 pounds, or 1.6 bowling balls.

WHERE THEY LIVE: East, West and Central Africa.

NAME: Red Fox

HOW BIG THEY ARE: Up to 14kg, 31 pounds, or 1.9 bowling balls

WHERE THEY LIVE:From the Arctic Circle to Central America, Central Asia and Northern Africa.

NAME: Culpeo

HOW BIG THEY ARE: Up to 14kg, 31 pounds, or 1.9 bowling balls

WHERE THEY LIVE: South America from Ecuador to Chile and Argentina

NAME: Coyote

HOW BIG THEY ARE:Up to 21kg, 46 pounds, or 2.9 bowling balls

WHERE THEY LIVE: Almost all of Canada, USA, and Mexico, and as far south as Panama

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