Congrats on a FABULOUS Month!

We are a small team, but I am SO proud of all we have accomplished this month! Together, we have sold nearly $3,000 in jewelry--Kansas City has never looked so good ;-) We also earned $1,000 in commissions! Way to go!

With just a little more than a day left in February, I challenge you to make the most of this month and set yourself up for an even better March! Take just 30 minutes (or more if your schedule allows) to do one, two or all three of these things to move your business forward in the next 24 hours:

1) Offer Exceptional Customer Service: call all of your customers from this month (and previous months if you haven't had a chance yet!) and make sure they have received their jewelry--ask them how they like it/if they received compliments. Did they like more pieces at the trunk show they attended? Why not offer them a trunk show so they can earn their favorites for free and half-off? Is she stylist material? Tell her why you think she'd make a great stylist! Listen to the Tips from the Top call recording from yesterday for an easy plan to sponsor--see below for info!

2) Warm-up your contacts: reach out to your past customers and those you think would be a great hostess! Send them emails letting them know about our new spring line and be sure to share our March Trunk Show Exclusives--these pieces are perfect for spring/Easter or to tuck away as Mother's Day gifts! After all these snow days, everyone will be dying to get out of the house--a trunk show is the perfect way to get some friends together for some fun!

3) Put those Look Books to use! Have some look books laying around at home? They aren't doing you any good there! Get them into the hands of your friends, co-workers and others you know/meet! Put together a list of people you can mail the look book to--include a personal note with the piece(s) you could see them wearing and let them know you'll check back to see what they think of the collection. Prep the look books tonight and mail them tomorrow. Don't forget to follow up next week--Follow up is key! Be sure to watch the "Booking from Scratch" video in SDU for tips on what to write in your notes and what to say when you follow up next week!

Rumor has it that some very exciting announcements are going to be made on Friday--and to take advantage of what's coming, you'll definitely want a few trunk shows on your calendar for March! Not to mention, you'll want to qualify (sell $500) so you can earn the $100 product credit for qualifying 3 months in a row (Jan-March). That product credit will come in handy when our summer capsule line launches in April :)

If you watched The Buzz last week, you know that Danielle Redner is leading a booking call series, or, as she calls it, a "Booking Bonanza" over the next few weeks. The first two calls have already taken place (see below for playback info)--be sure to listen to the next two calls on 3/6 & 3/13. Look in the lounge under "news" for details!

These calls are amazing and a MUST if you are looking to grow your business. I know time is scarce, but I listened to all 3 of these calls today while folding laundry and making lunch for the kids. There is a lot to learn from other stylists and I know I definitely learned a few things that I plan to implement in my own business!

Here are the first two calls from Danielle's call series:

1) Booking from Scratch:

2) Booking at Trunk Shows:

To stay up to date on the rest of the series and for playback info, join the FB event for the series here:

This call is from the Tips from the Top series--this call was an eye-opener for me when it comes to sponsoring! You can listen here:

Our team incentive for March: qualify (sell $500) and I will treat you to your choice of display piece: the bracelet bar or earring/stud box. But why not push yourself a little further and sell more than you sold in February? For every $100 you sell over your February sales, you'll get the display piece of your choice and earn a piece of jewelry ($50 retail) to put on your new display piece! Not only will this incentive earn you the $100 product credit for qualifying 3 months in a row, you'll also earn those much needed business supplies!

What is your goal for March? Where do you want to see your business in the next few months? Do you need ideas/motivation? I want to help you succeed--tell me how I can help you! If you want to chat, let me know and we can find a time that works for you.

I am so proud of all we have accomplished in the first 2 months of 2013 and I can't wait to see what we do in the coming months! It's going to be a GREAT year!

So, let's get booking!