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For the Week of May 22, 2023

Working together; succeeding together.

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As treaty people, we acknowledge the privilege and honor of sharing Treaty 6 territory with the traditional inhabitants; the Cree, Dene, Nakota, Sauteaux, Ojibway, and Metis Nation, Eastern Region II. We are thankful that we can use this land and all that it offers for our sustenance and the sustenance of our families.

We acknowledge the harm of colonialism and the residential school system and commit to working together toward reconciliation and forging a better path forward.

It Takes a Village...But the Village Needs You

There is a very old saying that says, "It takes a village to raise a child." This saying is more in reference to the child than it is to the village in that raising children is so complex that it requires many people's assistance. All that being said, I think that there is a poignant point to be made in changing the focus of the saying from the child to the village. I've spoken before about the importance of a child's community in their wellness. This week, I would like to explore, to paraphrase JFK, not what the village can do for the child but what the child can do for the village. That is the importance of not just existing within, but fully participating in the community in which they live.

Dr. Shanker lists lack of community as a major stressor in the lives of youth today. It is based on that, that the staff at PPCS have worked and will continue to work on helping the students at PPCS feel a sense of belonging and a sense of ownership. We encourage students' involvement in decision-making as often as we can. Our SRC does a great job of planning events for the school including pep rallies and buddy activities. We seek feedback from the students on events and work hard to actualize that feedback to increase the sense of ownership and control for the students over their learning environment. Most recently we have held a series of focus groups with students in grades 7-11, to gather some first-hand information on how we can make PPCS a place that is better suited to the student's needs so that they will feel that PPCS is more like a second home than just school.

This should not be isolated to the school community, but also the greater communities within which our students live, grow, develop, and hopefully participate. Students should be encouraged and welcomed into our communities to play an active role through volunteering, both informally and through a variety of clubs and committees. We often lament that we don't have enough help on the various boards, groups, clubs, and committees. Perhaps our youth are an untapped resource that we should consider. Stephen Covey refers to win-win situations as the best outcome in any scenario. This would be a win-win. Research shows that active engagement within a community is good for the overall wellness of youth and we know that more hands making lighter work would be better for the health of our communities.

At PPCS we have built volunteerism into our Phys Ed and Wellness classes and encourage our athletes to help out, especially in light of the generous donation from an anonymous donor. Our students are very good at completing their required hours but struggle to continue the momentum once their hours are complete. We grapple with trying to figure out how to embed the sense of volunteerism into our students. However, in the age of extreme schedules, it can be hard to find the time, let alone the motivation. Kids are busy, families are busy, and getting involved in the community is not as easy as it once was. However, it is critical that we try. Research is clear on the benefits of being part of a team on youth wellness, but it is also clear that not having a sense of community involvement can cause stressors in their lives. My challenge is to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Let's give our kids some ownership of their community, through engagement and at the same time give our grievously overworked volunteers a bit of a break. It really is a win-win.

Hot Lunch Punch Cards

Bear Bites is happy to introduce a punch card program for our hot lunches at the school. For $20, families can purchase a punch card good for 5 meals. They can be purchased online using the button below. If you would prefer to pay cash, please have your child bring the money to Mrs. Smith at the front office. We will keep the cards at the Bear Bites canteen and punch them when your child gets a meal.

Please allow 2 school days to process punch card purchases.

Bear Bites Punch Card Draw

Each month, we will put all of the finished punch cards into a draw for a free lunch.

The winner for the month of March is

We want to hear from you.

The Bear Bites recently decided that they would like some feedback regarding what meals we should be offering. Please scan the QR below and give us your thoughts. Press and hold the QR code and then select QR code to be taken to the survey.
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Seen Around PPCS

Mini Indy Team

This year, Mr. Riley came to me with an idea for a new extra curricular club at PPCS. Mini Indy is a club where students are given an electric go-kart and tweak it for a series of races. Our team has worked tirelessly to produce the best possible go-kart with both gas ane electric engines (depending on the race venue). They have learned a great deal about racing, mechanics, and working as a team. Check out their video below. Huge thanks to our sponors Bourgalt, Parkland Co-op and Cropper Motors in Naicam.
PPCS Applied Engineering Team 2023

Pep Rally on Friday

Huge shout our to Mrs. Mielke, Miss Wallen, and the SRC for another amazing pep rally. This time we honored our track team, the badminton team, and the mini indy team. The students had a great time participating in a relay race that celebrated all three activities.
Pep Rally (Track, Badminton, Mini Indy)

BM Making Snacks

Huge thanks and shout out to Mrs. Binkley and B.M. for making snacks for different classes. The treats are greatly appreciated by staff and students alike.
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Next Staff vs. Student is

May 31

Upcoming Events

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Thursday, May 25, 2023

- Bike Rodeo (K-6)

May 26-29

- PE 20/30 Camping Trip to Clearwater Lake, MB

Monday, May 22, 2023

- NO SCHOOL (Victoria Day)

Thursday, June 22, 2023

-Awards Night

Monday, June 26, 2023

- Grade 4-6 Track Day

Thursday, June 29, 2023

Grad 2023

Volunteers and Athletes of the Month

The volunteer for this month is Ely Campos. Ely is in her final year with us and has worked the score table at more basketball games than most people have played. She brings a ton of support to our teams and can be found hitting the road following our away games to cheer us on. Sometimes she even lets Miel come with her. Thank you for your help and support for Bears Athletics. Good luck in your future Ely.

Ava Tiedjens is this month's pick. She is a well-rounded multisport athlete who had a great showing in her badminton season. She is a smart aggressive player who is an asset to any team she is on. She is ready to put down the racquet and pick up the bat for her next sport season. Good job Ava.

Hana Teale is another multisport athlete who seems to excel at each sport she tries. She showed great improvement in basketball with a money baseline jump shot and some lockdown D. She carried her work ethic into badminton season and did a great job in girls' doubles. Keep it up, Hana.

Team Practices

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Home Games

** Games may start earlier if teams arrive, our goal is to get them home as early as possible.

Hot Lunches

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There are 9 lunches left in the school year.

The Cove is Offering Hot Lunches

The Fisherman's Cove at Greenwater Lake has offered to provide hot lunch 1 day a month (the last Thursday). The cost is $7.00 for either fried rice or fried noodles. They will deliver (as long as there are 10 or more orders).

Please use the button below to place your order, exact change must be sent with your child. Orders and money must be in by noon on Wednesday. We will let you know if there are not enough orders.

Jigs and Carolines are Back

Once again, Jigs and Carolines will be offering hot lunches on Wednesday and Friday. Please order directly from them. Please note:



It's going to be a #wonderFULLyear