Corona-Norco Adult School

Adult Education Week Celebration 2023

A Message from Our Principal

Greetings Adult Education Community!

Thank you for being Adult Education Students, Staff, Teachers, and Administrators. I take this opportunity to thank our District Board of Education and the Cabinet for the support they provide at every opportunity they have for Corona-Norco Adult School to grow and serve the community. I also take this opportunity to thank our partners, organizations, and community for all the support we get. To our students and staff thank you for what you do every day, we cannot do this without you. Thank you for your commitment, to education, to growth, and to productivity in the community. On Monday and Tuesday, you will have a lot of Educational Resources beyond what we do here every day at Corona-Norco Adult School, and on Tuesday you will get a lot more presentations on resources in the community. And, on Wednesday, March 29th, 2023, from 12:00 to 2:00 pm. we'll have the Job and Resource Fair at the Main Campus.

I look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday. Thank you again and Happy Adult Education week!

Dr. Thoibi Rublaitus, Principal, Corona-Norco Adult School

Adult Education Week 2023

CNUSD Teacher of the Year - Adult Education

Ms. Sylvia Philobos

Ms. Sylvia Philobos has been an Adult Education ESL Teacher since 1994. She is loved and respected by her students and fellow teachers. As an immigrant from Egypt herself, Sylvia understands the struggles of learning a language and adjusting to life in a new country. Ms. Philobos is a teacher who brings record educational learning gains and learner persistence year after year. Her knowledge of English grammar is exemplary, giving her the title "Queen of Grammar" among advanced-level ESL teachers. Sylvia is a diligent and dedicated worker who seldom takes leave and is never late to start her class. She does not want her students to lose out or miss any opportunity to learn at their optimum. Sylvia has deserved this award for the last many years. -Thoibi Rublaitus

Corona-Norco Adult School CTE Skilled Trades

Student Success Story

Viridiana Rosete

Viridiana Rosete came to the United States in September 2011 by means of her husband. In November 2012, Viridiana enrolled in Corona-Norco Adult School with the goal of wanting to improve her English skills. Her first course with Adult Education was at Corona High School with Ms. Pollard. She continued her courses in English up until the intermediate level. In 2019 she was referred to AERC to conduct an evaluation of her academic record from Mexico. In Mexico, she taught as a first-grade teacher. Her goal was to use her education to work in the United States. Once her evaluation was conducted Viridiana had an equivalent to a bachelor's degree in Primary Education. Through her husband Jorge Rosete, she got in contact with Dr. Thoibi. From coincidence, she ran into her at the adult office main campus and Dr. Thoibi took the time to see how Viridiana was doing and see if she had conducted her evaluation. She was referred to Yesenia Villegas at the College and Career Center. Viridiana was Yesenia's first student at the Career Center. Through the career center, she applied as a Classified substitute for the district. Her application was accepted and on February 28th she began working as a Paraeducator for Ben Franklin Elementary School. She is currently working on applying for a permanent position and has even had interviews with CNUSD. Her long-term goal is to obtain a permanent position and continue her education at UCR. -Yesenia Villegas

CNUSD Classified of the Year - Adult Education

Ana Maria Silva

We are humbled and proud to introduce Ana Maria Silva as our Classified Employee of the Year. Ana Maria’s journey started in 1995 as a noon supervisor at Coronita Elementary School. She held assignments in the campus catering kitchen, and as an academic paraeducator at Corona High School before being given the opportunity to join Corona-Norco Adult Education in 2000. Many people don’t know Ana Maria was a product of Adult Ed. as she was an ESL student at one of our partner locations in 1995. Ana Maria knew the importance of learning English to better herself and three boys. In 2000, Ana Maria was given the sole responsibility of creating and managing a system to administer the famous CASAS tests for our students. Throughout the 23+ years Ana Maria has fine-tuned the science of the CASAS test administration, such as knowing what test level to give students when they enroll, and what the next test level should be for students to have level gains resulting in school funding. Ana Maria can look at a report and immediately identify if the data looks wrong or if there’s data missing. The one thing Ana Maria loves most about her job is when she sees students achieve their goals. She loves to help students in all areas of Adult Ed. and is an advocate for students to take advantage of all the programs such as our High School Program and CTE. Ana Maria is the heart of CASAS testing and we couldn’t be prouder of having her in our Adult Ed. family. “Congratulations, Ana Maria!” We thank you and appreciate all that you do! - Linda Aranda

Welcome New Staff Members

Welcome New Teachers!

Jennifer Rice - Meagan Torres - Carrie Schneider - Peter Lamptey - Lorraine Duran

High School Program

Student Story

Maria Gomez is a high school diploma student at Corona-Norco Adult School. Maria was born in Mexico and came to the United States during her sophomore year. She took some classes at other adult schools, but it always took her a long time to complete a course, and she was tired of not getting it done. She enrolled in Corona-Norco Adult School in August 2022 and asked her to work for a leave of absence. She told herself, “School is my work now.” She spent countless hours in the classroom and at home completing her coursework. She finished some courses in as little as 2 weeks' time. According to Maria, she was successful this time because she set small achievable goals for herself and rewarded herself for meeting the goals. She finished 14 courses in 7 months! She will graduate in May with family there to celebrate her success and hard work. So what is next for Maria? She wants to find a new job that is closer to home and take classes to improve her English. She sees college in her future and would love to work as a Special Education Paraeducator. We are so impressed with Maria and her “Go for it” attitude. She will do great things in her life. - Christina Hyatt