Harriet Tubman

A journey to freedom...

Who was she?

Harriet Tubman was one of the biggest civil rightest activist our world has ever seen. She managed to escape slavery, becoming a leading abolitionist. Tubman has led hundreds of enslaved people to freedom along the underground railroad.


Tubman was born in Dorchester County, Maryland, USA, in 1820. The exact date and month of her birth is unknown. Harriet was 1 of 9 children born right into slavery. As a child Harriet faced many challenges a normal child would have never had to see. Her owner had sold three of Tubman's sisters to a far plantation and then sold her youngest brother to a Georgian trader a year later, further breaking apart the family. Harriet did not let these moments get to her but rather used them to make her stronger.

Journey to Leadership

What made Tubman a Leader?

Growing up in a racist time period, Harriet knew from the start she wanted to bring change. Segregation of blacks was a daily part of life in the eighteen hundreds. Tubman did not want anyone to feel the pain she felt growing up. When she fled to Canada it became her mission to go back and save all those who needed her help. She soon became the conductor of the Underground Railroad freeing over 700 lives. Not much is known about Harriet Tubman but she was a strong, independent, determine and achieving role model. Her legacy has inspired so many after her and will continue to inspire the future generations.

What made Harriet a Leader?

Despite having a bounty her head, Harriet continued to do what she believed was right. In all her years working as a conductor she never lost one fugitive or allowed one to turn back. Harriet made about 20-30 trips to and from Canada saving her friends, and family. After the railroad Harriet became the first female to lead an armed expedition in the civil war. She became a scout and spy working for the Union Army. Harriet fought all odds and achieved what her goals.
Harriet Tubman

Leadership Traits

1. Know your enemy - Tubman had to know the routes of the police looking for her and trying to find the route of the railroad. She had to learn their exact ways and figure out how to avoid them at all cost making sure everyone's lives that were in her hands remained safe. To do so Tubman studied the enemy until she knew their every move protecting herself from them at all times.

2. Courage is not the absence of fear - With a bounty on her head, Harriets journeys must have been frightening and worrisome. As the conductor, Tubman had to control her fear making sure she hide it assuring the other fugitives they were safe.

3. Nothing is black or white - Lastly, Harriet had a tremendous amount of responsibilities on her with the lives of others in her hands. All her decisions had to be thought through and precise. The slightest mistake could haven taken the lives of many. Harriet carried this leadership style out excellently with a great amount of courage and bravery.