JFK Assassination

By: Alisha Mader

Who, What, When, Where, Why?

John F. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963. During a parade, just after noon he was shot in the back of a convertible. President Kennedy was doing a campaign for the next election in 1964.

Lee Harvey Oswald

Oswald was the main suspect during the time. They believe that he did this alone. He never got put on trial because he ended up getting shot and killed by Jack Ruby on live television. He was in the process of being transferred to jail when he was shot point blank.
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Was There a 2nd Shooter?

There was evidence found that 4 shots were actually fired not just 3. The was a officer on a motorcycle that had his mic on and based off of the recording they heard 4 shots with one was quieter than the rest. They believe that 3 shots came from Lee Harvey Oswald's location and 1 came from the Grassy Knoll another location which would make sense as to how the bulled had hit the President and Governor.
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Media Bias explained

Obviously no one knows exactly what happened that day because of all of the different theories. That being said the media has a way of making you believe what they want you to believe. A video of Lee Harvey Oswald after he put in custody leads me to believe that he didn't even know that the president was shot. I believe that there had to be 2 shooters but I do not believe that Lee Harvey Oswald was one of them.

Historical Criticism

Historical criticism comes into play with the assassination because it took place 54 years ago. Technology has changed and the videos of what happened were unclear back then. The government haven't released the official documents on the assassination. If this same thing were to happen today with all of the cameras and gadgets we have there in no way that anyone would get away with this.
JFK Assassination Every Zapruder Frame Slowed Down

Marxist Criticism

The shooting has so many different theories you can't tell which is true so people just believe you they hear and follow blindly with whatever everyone else says happened. People have their own beliefs on what went down but they don't really know the details of what had happened that day.


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