Celebrate Entrepreneurship Day

On Tuesday, November 18th, by Helen Hall

What is it about...

Have you ever thought about creating your own business? Well, many kids already have! Is there something you are passionate about? Then start your business today. It is possible! Your teachers and parents can help. Start small!

Start your business today!

National Entrepreneurship Day

Tuesday, Nov. 18th, 9am

2701 Robious Crossing Dr

Midlothian, VA

Why Celebrate?

Being an entrepreneur means exercising your creativity. You see a market, an opportunity and you design a product or service to fulfill that need. This teaches us to plan and execute strategies. We can earn our own money and exercise real responsibilities. Young entrepreneurs can set goals and make money to achieve goals such as taking a class they want to take or buy something special. However, most of us need the assistance of teachers, parents, and other adults to help us reach our goals and to start our businesses.