Science Project

My goal is to see if boys or girls are tricked easier

I Am Going To use Every Day Things Like Gum Rappers

Question:Will Guys or Ladies Be Tricked Easier

Hypothesize:I Think That Guys Will Be Tricked Easier

Background Knowledge

•I Know That The Ladies Focus Better In Class Then The Guys

•I know That The Guys Know Lots Of Tricks


I first tested it on my dad and he did take the gum rapper and opened it he,He got Tricked.

Then I tried it on my sisters Nether of them fell for it,Not tricked.

Then I tried my friend he took it opened it and ripped it,He got Tricked.

After I got done with them I asked three men if they wanted and they all said yes and opened it,Got tricked.

Then I tested three girls and 2 of the 3 fell for it,Tricked and Not

Guaranteed to help with experiment


After Testing Five Guys And Five Ladies It Came That Ladies Were Not Tricked As Much As The Guys