• He is the sun god
  • He was the soon of two Titans
  • He was known to carry the sun across the sky

His Part in the oddysey

  • Helios has his prized cattle on an island that Odysseus and his men land on
  • Odysseus leaves to scout for food and leaves his men
  • They eat Helios' cattle because they are greedy and hungry
  • Helios finds out and tells the gods who punish the sailors
  • The raw and undercooked meat of the cows starts mooing
  • The hides of the cow started crawling around
  • The joints on the spits began to low like cows

his family

Myths About Him

Helios was known to be all-seeing and a great witness. He was most famously known for witnessing Persephone being taken by Hades.

his accomplishments

  • He has his own festival called Halieia
  • He has a statue in Rhodes that is bigger than many buildings in Greece
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