Sports Technique Development

Football, Baseball and Speed fundamentals and training

Individual Instruction with Coach Toby Trotter

As a Football Coach at Highland Park, and in 14 years of being a college football coach and professional baseball agent, I have helped develop many athletes. As a father of an 9, 7, and 4-year-old, and a PE Teacher at Hyer, I also know that developing the right skills needs to be done as early as possible to insure the best foundation for future development. I am excited to help kids have fun and get excited about their personal potential in sports.

Practice does not make perfect, practice makes permanent. So it is important that your son is learning the best base level fundamentals that will propel them as they choose sports. I have opened up 3 levels of developmental lessons in both private and small group settings.

Football: These lessons will be focused on base fundamentals of Quarterback and Wide Receiver development i.e. throwing, catching, body control in the techniques of Football. Regardless of body type or current coordination, every boy interested in Football needs to be focused on throwing, catching, and running.

Baseball: These lessons will also be focused on the fundamentals. No matter the start or lack of experience your son may have, they can always be taught the correct techniques that they can build upon. These lessons will start with proper throwing/catching motion and steps, fielding ground balls, and basic hitting instruction. Technique will progress as the athlete progresses and shows improvement.

Speed training: These lessons are focused on teaching muscle control, form running, and coordination. Fast twitch muscle training and coordination are most useful when its developed before the age of 12. These lessons will build confidence regardless of sports specialization.

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