Organelle Structure & Function

by: Julia Tursi

Organelle's and their structure

1) Cell Membrane- These cells are a long oval shape that have protein inside of them.

2) Cell Wall- small holes which let the nutrients waste and ions pass through.

3) Cytoplasm- clear glob of liquid plasma.

4) Nucleus- Large dark spot.

5) Nuclear Membrane- Not smooth more of rough surface and a hard cell.

6) Nucleolus- They are found inside the nucleus and are very small.

7) Centrioles- Threads are attach to these cells.

8) Ribosomes- small, short cells.

9) Chromatin- They are invisible but lose and tight cells.

10) Golgi Apparatus- Some are small cells and others are longer.

11) Endoplasmic Reticulum- Their are two types one is smooth and the other is a rough structure.

12) Mitochondria- Oval shaped cells with lines.

13) Chloroplast- Circled shape with lines inside.

14) Lysosome- Circle cells with wholes which are protein.

15) Peroxisomes- Singel membrane.

16) Vacuole- bubbles found in cells.

17) Cytoskeleton- different cell structure.

Organelle Function:


Storage bins to the cells. They are only found in plant cells.
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Thick protein tubes. They are found in both animal and plant cells.
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