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Mrs. Watts

What are we learning this week.....

Focus Skills that our lessons and assessment will be centered around:
-make predictions
-point of view
-connotations and denotations
-Genre: Historical Fiction

This week in 6th grade literacy we will be learning about the importance of pausing strategically when reading to make predictions about what will happen in a story, which helps them set a purpose for reading and increases their understanding of the text. In fiction a narrator tells the story. Who the narrator is determines the story's point of view. Words carry positive or negative emotional meanings along with their dictionary meanings. Connotations are suggested or implied meanings associated with words. The dictionary meanings of words are called denotations. Students will be reading Historical Fiction stories in this weekly study of Wonders. Historical Fiction is a story that is made up, but it happens in a time and place that existed in history. The story includes many details that reflect the historical time and place. Historical Fiction is written to entertain, but it also informs readers about times, places, and life int eh past. We will also will be using our weekly vocabulary words when we speak, when we write, and will be able to recognize and understand them in text we read. The new vocabulary words are pictured below.

Quarter 2 AR Goals

It is important to read at home. All students have AR goals for Quarter 2. We ask students to read for 20 minutes each night at home. I appreciate all of your support!I If your child is struggling to find a book that they can connect with, need page goals set, or need help setting up a plan to keep them on track please have them ask me to help them. Quarter 2 midterm was Wednesday.
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5th & 6th Grade Morning Meeting

Each morning we meet as a north wing in the hallway to share our AR progress, lunch menu, any NM sporting or music activities, the weather, and to review expectations with our students. It is a very positive time we spend together that helps us start our day off on a great note. At the end of our meeting we say the Pledge of Allegiance and the NM Character Counts Pledge.
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Students receive their spelling list on Monday. They cut the words out and sort them. The students do a variety of sorts during the week. There are several different lists - students work on the list that their pretest indicated was an area that needed to be strengthened. The students have a list that is to go home each Monday so that they can practice at home during the week. A final test is given on Friday. This approach to spelling is individualized with the goal that students will learn spelling patterns that will help them as they read and write. Ask your child to share their list with you :-)
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Annual Bowling Trip to Star Lanes

Our students had a great time bowling on 11-25-15!

Indoor Recess

If it is raining outdoors we have indoor recess. Students play games and have fun inside. Although going outside is our first choice, we try to make recess fun - rain or shine.
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Kid President + Peanuts // Life is like a comic.

Kid President

I loved learning more about Kid President. I am posting his story below. I hope you enjoy learning more about this awesome, inspiring young man.

Reading at home is important!