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Father's Day - why not book a fun Zoom pampering sesion for dad & daughter?

We've got the perfect gifts for DIY dads, spa-loving fathers, gyms dads, exhausted new dads, sports mad males, and the house proud!

Why not reach out to all the dads you know, chat to their daughters - and suggest a little Temple Spa treat for them both together. You can offer a free 'Go Guy' Home Facial for dad with a gift at the end (or even vouchers for dad to choose what he'd like).

Gift ideas

FREE Marketing Tools at your fingertips

Template Emails

Did you know, there are over 20 ready-made emails on the hub that you can send to your customers and friends right now. It's so simple. Just log in to the hub with your email address and password, click on emails (flick through pages 1 and 2 to see all the template options).

Why not send an email to let everyone know that you can offer FREE Spa at Home Facials with their friends (via zoom)?

If you're not sure how it works, why not send a test email to yourself first?

Advert Suite

There are also ADVERTS you can create with your personalised details - just go to DOWNLOADS and then ADVERT SUITE.

Top of Sales - Allison Armstrong


I absolutely love the 'spirit of positivity' which runs through our team. And it always amazes me that the names appearing at the top 10 of sales, tend to be the busiest among us - they have other full-time and part-time jobs or children to home school. What do they have in common:

  • They've worked hard - and with a smile on their face.
  • They see opportunity in every challenge (for them, there's no such thing as problems just solutions).
  • Some have have posted out samples, and showed their customers 'how to do a home facial' via Zoom.
  • They've shared their love of the business online, with great images, customised words (not just copy and paste) and they are loud and proud of their Temple Spa business. They talk about it lots and help others with their skincare.
  • Positivity energy is their best friend right now.

1) Allison Armstrong £2,373

2) Karen Spiers £646

3) Katrina Knowles £383

4) Susan Fairley £582

5) Jennifer Hurst £346

Welcome to the Team in May

You've earned the sample buy-in!

Congratulations to all those Lifestyle Consultants who sold £750 or more this month:
Leanne Critchley & Ayshea Kay

Did you know there is a £750 club? If you sell £750 in a month, you qualify to buy £75 worth of Temple Spa samples for just £25 including free delivery.

Congrats: You've earned the new kit Buy-In

You sold £500 in May!

This means you can choose from Red Carpet, Day Spa Experience or the Anti-ageing Masterclass . You'll get all the products you'll need to teach that class.

Leanne Critchley

Sarah Evans (I know you've already chosen Red Carpet)

Natashe Hancock

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Who has a 'Buy in' month in June?

Did you know that every quarter, when you sell £500 in a month, you can earn a 'buy-in' for a new kit of products for £100?

Who has a 'Buy in' month in June?

Anna Bulley

Kathryn Pergua

Kirstie Bell

Katia Virdis

Steff Glass

Bev Younis

Clare Banbury

Lydia Rees

Manjeet Bansal

Sarah Taylor-Baxter

Sue Roach

Clare Thomas

Alex Williams

Sam Parry

Sarah Merry

What do you need to do to earn a 'buy-in' for another business kit of products? Your aim is for £500 of personal sales in June.

Top of Sponsoring in May

Kath Hamer and Leanne Critchey

Both Kath and Leanne sponsored in May!

And now they can earn £50 cash when their new recruits sell £500 by the end of June. If you've sponsored recently, why not offer to help your new consultant by hosting their first Home Facial Zoom class for them?

I'm happy to host a class for you! If you invite the guests to join me on Zoom, the sales are yours!

Have you joined the Consultant Facebook page?

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The Temple Spa Consultant Community page

This week, Helen Wardle and Abby Eaton will be LIVE on the community page, sharing:



There are also some new June photos and assets for you to save and share. On Facebook, you can now save other people's videos if you download the Friendly app (it's free on your phone) and allows you to save and share videos and photos.



It's unisex, it's unique and it's all about YOU! So why is MY ESSENCE really so special?

  1. We have a secret ingredient - molecules that enable the fragrance to give the scent individuality. That means the fragrance smells differently on you! My ESSENCE celebrates your uniqueness.
  2. My Essence is Temple Spa's first ever fine fragrance - it's woody and citrus with sexy notes of rose and jasmine - and it celebrates our 20th birthday!
  3. It's a fragrance (not a perfume) for men and women! A great gift for Fathers Day. It was due to be launched in Harrods on June 1 BUT we have it exclusively (at least until the Autumn) so you can't go online and buy this. It's EXCLUSIVELY available from you an in limited supply.

SELL 5 bottles in June and Mark & Liz will gift you with a bottle of your own!

For every bottle you sell (or buy) you will be entered into a Consultant draw and TWO of you will win a trip to Grasse near Cannes in France to see how the fragrance is made!


Buy one for £40 and get another for £10!

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Buy the Super Starter collection FOR JUST £77 - (Any £21 cleanser, Toning Essence, Any Serum) and get your moisturiser and another serum FREE (that's £78 worth FREE).
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Spend £65 and your customer can treat themselves to The Contourist for just £8! This bio-cellulose serum sheet mask is infused with Vitamin C, and other anti-ageing ingredients to lift, sculpt and firm the face. OR you could buy a pack of 6 for £50 and sell them to your customers individually?
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SPF 30 moisturiser half price when you spend £50. JUST £19 instead of £38!
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£12 - Be kind to yourself with our travel-size collection of products to help unwind, soothe, settle and restore.

Aaahh - a cooling cream balm for knotted muscles, sore backs and aching limbs. Helps reduce puffiness, refreshes & cools tired limbs.

In Good Spirits - A professional stimulating and reviving massage oil that can be added to the bath for a refreshing dip.

Peace be Still - A soothing, lightweight body moisturiser balm that's super kind and very gentle.

IN GOOD SPIRITS OR just £7.50 for a travel-size In Good Spirits.

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Think outside the box...

Sharing our offers isn't just about a re-post on Facebook or copying and pasting another consultant's words, think about other channels to reach your customers...

1) From Wednesday (tomorrow 3 June) every customer that orders from your website or from you, will be sent a sample size of My Essence Fragrance ! Why not call them or message them to ask them 'Did you get your My Essence sample? Did you love it? How did it smell on you? Would you like me to get one for you?'

2) Send out samples (cleanser, toner, mask, serum, moisturiser) to a group of friends and ask them to join for a Home Facial (via the zoom app) so you can guide them through a home skincare ritual. (You can order 30 sample pots for £6.50 on the hub or smaller pots from Amazon/Ebay). If you can't get to a post office, you can print postage out on the Royal Mail website.

3) Send out a personal text message with a new offer each week (or a what's app message using the broadcast list).

4) Use one of the email templates on the hub.

5) Create a video and post or have a go at an Instagram story or a Facebook Live (or a pre-recorded video on your phone).

Mhari Oakes - Regional Business Manager at Temple Spa.

Hi there x I'm here to help motivate, inspire, lead by example, support and make work fun and financially rewarding! Please reach out to me if you need help.