Happiness Reminiscent Meetings

Join our happiness club; meetings every Tuesday at 4.

The best way to boost spirits.

We discuss hard topics and life choices with teens and adults about depression. Those who were once depressed talk with teens about their struggles. This group has a confidentiality policy and everyone's welcome! Even if you do not want to share your story, it's an honor to listen and compare stories with others.

Every Tuesday at four Downtown Charlotte Auditorium.

Guaranteed to changes lives; and make us shed a tear.

Frequently asked Questions or concerns:

"What if I don't want anyone to know I'm coming"

Answer: We will arrange a time one on one if you'd like, to make these meetings anonymous.

"How do I know this will help?"

Answer: Well, you'll never known 'till you try.

"What if my depression is something that can't be fixed?"

Answer: You are not a toy; we're not trying to 'fix you' we are just trying to help you find happiness again.

We are friends with Yoga1

Studies have shown that Yoga can improve one's sadness and relieve stress.

Yoga doesn't involve thinking; you're one with yourself, just breathe.