Ridgeview Rundown

Week of November 17th, 2014


“Picture your brain forming new connections as you meet the challenge and learn. Keep on going.”
Carol S. Dweck, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

This Week's News

American Education Week: LPS appreciates the work you do! Be sure to check out the special events for next week. They are listed in the upcoming events section below.

Thanksgiving Staff Lunch: We are so thankful for you! You make Ridgeview an amazing place to be! As a small token of our appreciation, Jessica and I will be providing a yummy pizza lunch next Thursday.

Celebrations: There are so many great things going on that I had to add a few more pictures this week! What did YOU do today that you are proud of? Celebrate! Pass it on :)

Leader in Me: On December 19th we will have a Leadership Assembly at 1:30. Each grade level will share their service project so our students can see the powerful gifts Ridgeview students have to give. See your BLT reps for details.We will run our early release special schedule that day.

PTA Holiday Shoppe: PTA is again running a holiday shopping experience (with many improvements from last year) for our students. December 8th is the preview with shopping Dec. 9th, 10th and 11th. Parents will have a chance to shop the evening of the 11th. We'll provide you with a detailed schedule soon.

Staff Holiday Party: Save the Date for December 13th at 5:30 and sign up in the office. We hope you can join us!


December Collab: Bring examples of how you provide feedback and track student growth to share with your colleagues. This should not be "extra" work, but rather a snapshot of what you are doing that works.

Learning Cadre Work

November 20th: Social/Emotional and Technology

Grade Level Work

BIST: Great ideas were shared so we can support students in going through the think sheet process. The purpose of the think sheet is to reflect on what you did and what you could do differently. This allows our students to benefit from the purpose and get to the learning and problem solving. "Own it, Fix it, Learn from it"


  • 19th PD Supporting 4.1 & 7.4
  • 26th No School

Upcoming Events

** If you don't see your event (including field trips) on this newsletter please let me know so I can update it and the master calendar.


Week of 17th: American Education Week!


  • 4th Grade Math Challenge @ 7:45
  • Patriotic Day: staff and students are encouraged to wear red white and blue!
  • Staff Appreciation Day: Breakfast will be provided by the district. We'll have it ready for you in the lounge by 8:00.
  • PEAK 2nd Grade Conferences
  • Happy Birthday, Carola Eastvold!
  • Kinder, 1st and 2nd: Visiting Author, Bridget Heos, will be here!
  • 1st Grade Data Team 1/2 Day Release in AM
  • Thanksgiving Feast for guests during lunch
  • Grade Level Collabs
  • PTA CiCi's Pizza Night
  • Learning Cadre: Social Emotional @7:45 in PD Room
  • Learning Cadre: Technology @7:45 3-5 in Heather's Room. K-2 in Charissa's Room.
  • All Pro Dads @8:00 in LMC
  • Professional Career Day: Students are encouraged to dress for the career they would one day like to have!
  • Kindergarten Data Team 1/2 Day Release in AM
  • Staff Appreciation Lunch in the lounge

  • Mayor’s Christmas Tree Lighting for the Choir @6:00

  • 4th Grade Math Challenge @ 7:45
  • PTA Movie Night!
26th, 27th & 28th
  • No School: Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Happy Birthday, Sarah Davis!
  • Happy Birthday, Nicole Hicks!