Room 26 Weekly News

May 9, 2016


Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of the lovely surprises during Teacher Appreciation Week! The gorgeous door decoration (thank you, Mary Stewart, for putting it all together!), the flowers, the gift cards, the supplies for the classroom, the books, the gifts, and all of the kind words were very much appreciated! It has been an absolute joy to teach your children this year, and I am so grateful for all of the sweet, generous gestures last week! I am a lucky teacher, indeed!

We are busily getting ready for state testing. All 5th graders will be taking the Smarter Balanced Assessment (state test) in Language Arts/Reading (test and performance task) and Math (test and performance task) next week, beginning on Monday, May 16. Testing will take approximately 2.5-3 hours per day, Monday through Thursday. I will send home more information about it in next week's newsletter, but looking ahead, you can help your child that week by making sure he/she gets plenty of rest each night, by ensuring he/she has a nutritious breakfast that includes some protein to fuel the brain, and by sending along healthy snacks to school that week.

The following week (May 23-27) will include our Family Life educational unit, as well as the California State Science Test, and the opportunity to retake the Unit 1 math exam.

Academic Updates

Language Arts

We will be continuing to prepare for the state test by reading short passages and answering text-dependent questions. We will also have an opportunity to take some practice test questions online to get used to the format of the state test.


We will be covering graphing on a coordinate plane in the first part of the week and doing some spiral review of math concepts learned throughout the year in the second part of the week. Students will have an opportunity to take some practice test questions in class.

You can help your child by reviewing some fifth grade math concepts at home, including: fractions (solving problems using all 4 operations), decimals (problem solving using all 4 operations), multiplication and division, converting units of measurement, finding the volume of rectangular prisms, prime factorizations, and place value (what does moving left or right on the place value chart mean to the value of a digit?) TenMarks is the best practice since the question formats are similar in structure and rigor to the Smarter Balanced Assessment the students will be taking next week. I will "assign" several TenMarks assignments to your children that they may use as test prep. These will not be graded as assignments in class, but I really hope you will use them to help your child practice and prepare.


We will be finishing our unit on Matter/Chemistry and reviewing Science topics from 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade in preparation for the upcoming state science test.

Social Studies

This week, students will be giving their informative speeches about the states they researched. A schedule was emailed to all parents last week. I have heard from several of you, but please let me know if you plan on attending your child's speech so I can let the front office know.


P.E. - Monday and Wednesday

Science Garden - Tuesday

Library - Thursday