Comets and Asteriods

Dominique B


-a comet is a small icy solar system body that, when it passes the sun it heats up and begins to outgas.

- comets start out as big chucks of rock and ice, just floating around in the Oort Cloud. Then gravity forms a passing body, such like stars, and this becomes strong enough to pull the ice away from the Oort Cloud and head to the sun. As the ice gets close enough to the sun, the ice melts and this is what we call a comet.

What is a Comet? Video

In "What is a Comet? Facts and Information" video, you will learn what a comet is and the different parts of a comet. The creator of this video is Mocomkids. When watching this video, you will come upon where comets originate. Comets originate from the Oort Cloud, which is a group of icy bodies in the solar system. When you reach the parts of the comet you will encounter the coma. When a comet gets close to the sun, the frozen parts of the comet begin to turn into gas. A coma is the gas that forms into a cloud that surrounds the nucleus of the comet.

What do comets look like?

-When comets are far away from the sun they are covered with icy, black rocks and dust. When the comet reaches closer to the sun the ice starts to melt.

-The comets that can be seen in the sky without telescopes are unusual because they are the biggest and the brightest. When you look at these comets you van see water, gas and dust.

When and why do comets have tails?

Comets only have tails when they are close to the sun.

-A combination of solar radiation pressure and solar wind blow away gas and dust from the comets nucleus, forming two separate tails: the ion tail and the dust tail

Big image
This comet is known as "The Big Birthday Comet" of 2011

-This picture was taken with filters that are used to look at the different wavelengths of light.