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Jan 23 - 27 2023

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6th graders at DC Evening Events

It has been brought to my attention that we have a growing number of our students being dropped off at Deer Creek High School home events such as Basketball games and Wrestling matches at the PAAC and left unattended without parents. In the fall, we sent notifications to all families that PK--8th grade students must have a parent in attendance for football games and will not be allowed to enter without an adult. These same rules apply to all Deer Creek evening events year round. Our students are too young to be left unattended. This is creating an unsafe environment for our students and fans at our evening home events.

The number of students being dropped off has grown throughout the winter sporting season, and we had a large number of our students dropped off Saturday night at the PAAC for our DCHS tournament. Their behavior Saturday night caused spectators and staff to not be able to focus on the DCHS championship game and support our Antlers. We have many volunteers that give their time at these events to sell tickets, work in the concession stand, and support our teams. They are not there to babysit our elementary students. Our students were running around the PAAC, running into spectators, getting into fights, breaking fixtures, sneaking into the parking lot, sneaking into the auditorium and stairwells, and arguing with staff and volunteers when they tried to get them to sit in the stands.

From this point forward, we will have an administrator assigned to stand at the door of each home event. Any PK--8th grade students that try to enter without an adult will be asked to call their parent/guardian immediately to come back and either accompany their student or return home.

We want all of our fans to be able to focus on our teams and attend our events in an environment that is safe for all. Thank you for your cooperation.

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Order your 2022-2023 YEARBOOK TODAY!


Save when you order your yearbook today!



The friendships. The skills. The memories. What your student builds in these years can last a lifetime, and your Deer Creek Intermediate School yearbook is a beautiful record of it all. Order TODAY before the price goes up!

The website is : jostensyearbooks.com

jostensyearbooks.com or call 1-877-767-5217


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Library News

Library News 1/20/23 (for your newsletter)

Please come see us in the library! There are lots of books that are due and we are happy to renew them for your student. We also want to be sure they are finding lots of new books to read.

Students will be reading the book The Devil’s Arithmetic by Jane Yolen in literature this quarter. It is a novel about the Holocaust and World War 2. If you would like to learn more about the United States reaction to World War 2, the Metropolitan Library is hosting the traveling exhibit Americans and the Holocaust, at the Ronald J. Norick Downtown Library, sponsored by ALA and the US National Holocaust Museum. The exhibit is in place on the first floor of the Downtown Library now until February 12. You can visit https://www.metrolibrary.org/aath for more information.

Book fair is coming soon! We will be having our second and final book fair of the year February 13-17, 2023. We will be working with a new company, Literati, for this one. If you would like to help Mrs. Newkirk and Mr. King at the book fair, please email Mrs. Newkirk at jennifernewkirk@dcsok.org.

One of the things I am most excited about with our Literati Book Fair is their subscription book boxes. It is like Stitch Fix, but with books! For $9.95 a month Literati will hand pick 5 books for your reader. Each month a beautiful box will arrive at your home. You and your reader choose which books you would like to keep and only pay for those. If you purchase all five, you get a 5% discount. The best part is, DCIS receives 10% of all book boxes ordered. It is a great way to add a little variety for your reader and help our school library at the same time! If you would like more information you can go to literati.com/schoolbox.

Please talk with your student about what they are reading. Books are a great way to start a conversation and learn more about each other and the world we live in. Have a great week of reading!

Future DCMS Families!

My name is Jenny Richards and I am the principal at Deer Creek Middle School. I know it is hard to believe we are beginning the conversations about the 2023-2024 school year, but at the secondary level, we start conducting pre-enrollment in February! Please mark your calendars for a DCMS Parent 101 Info Night! There will be 2 evening sessions for you to choose from and if you are unable to attend either session, all information will be emailed to you! In addition, DCMS admin will be meeting with all current 6th grade students next week and sharing pre-enrollment/basic DCMS information. We are excited to meet our upcoming 7th grade class and looking forward to sharing all about DCMS! See you soon!

DCMS Parent 101 Info Nights:
Monday, February 6th 6-6:30pm
Tuesday, February 7th 6-6:30pm
*same info shared at both, only need to attend one session

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Creek Classic: Be a Sponsor

The Creek Classic is Back!

The Deer Creek Schools Foundation is excited to bring this Deer Creek favorite back to our community. We invite you to support the 26th Annual Creek Classic, scheduled for Saturday, March 25th, 2023. Prior races attracted over 1,200 runners from all over the state, and we are anticipating even more this year! All proceeds benefit Deer Creek Schools!

Sign up to be a sponsor today! We offer a variety of sponsorship levels for any budget, and each one comes with a great set of marketing benefits. Please contact Creek Classic Chair Paul Elder at (405) 933-5663 or email jpaulelder80@gmail.com with any questions you may have. Thank you for your consideration.

Download Sponsorship Packet

The Creek Classic
1 Mile Fun Run/Walk, 5K and 10K

Saturday March 25th, 2023
8:30 am -11:00 am
Deer Creek Intermediate School

21175 North MacArthur, Edmond, OK 73012


Creek Classic T-Shirt Design Contest

Help design the winning t-shirt for the Creek Classic.

T-shirt Design Contest for Creek Classic

The winner will receive $100. Designs are due to DCIS by Wednesday, Feb. 8th. Submit a scanned copy to bixbixkix@cox.net and file the original at your school's office for pick-up. Call Barry Cunningham at 405-613-9174 with any questions.

Bus Pass Replacement Instructions


1 www.deercreekschools.org

2 Parent Tab

3 InTouch Online Payment

4 Log In

5 Items At All Schools

6 District

7 District Office

8 Deer Creek District Office

9 Transportation Badges



Watch D.O.G.S.(Dads of Great Students) is a family and community engagement educational initiative. WatchDOG volunteers help:

  • To provide positive male role models for the students, demonstrated by their presence, that education is important.

  • To provide an extra set of eyes and ears to enhance school security and reduce bullying

Who are WATCH D.OG.S.?

WATCH D.O.G.S.® invites fathers, grandfathers, uncles, or mothers, grandmothers to volunteer at their child’s school. WatchDOG (WD) volunteers perform a variety of tasks during their volunteer day including monitoring the school entrance, assisting with unloading and loading of cars, monitoring the lunch room, or helping in the classroom with a teacher's guidance.

Interested? Get Signed up!

  • Complete a background check online. Please note that you will not be able to volunteer as a Watch DOG until your background check has been approved.

Daily Orientation:

- Check in at the front office upon arrival (pick up WD t-shirt to be worn while volunteering as a WD).

- Stop by the front office if you have any questions throughout the day.

- Be approachable - talk to the students, listen to them.

- Be smart - follow the school's policy on appropriate conduct and behavior with the students and faculty.

- Be alert - if a situation arises, please report it to a school official starting with the principal (if available).

- Be a positive role model.

- Never use the student (boys' or girls') restrooms.

- Never be alone with students.

- Follow school's confidentiality policy in regard to students and staff.

- Always be visible to others.

- Do not be disruptive when classes are in session.

- Do not use profanity.

- Do not use tobacco on the school grounds.

- Do not share religious or political views.

- Limit personal use of cell phones.

Thank You

Super grateful for our wonderful parent volunteers! Big shout out to Jeff Alvested dad to Ethan for being an extra set of eyes and helping hands at DCIS. #dcisrockstarparent #watchdogdad
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We have a Comfort Closet here at DCIS. This room has extra supplies for students such as deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo, hoodies, sweatshirts, and t-shirts. If you have a student that needs any of these items you are welcome to contact Dawna McMillan in room A/B15 or mandyhayward@dcsok.org in the main office.

We are in need of sweatpants type of pants for all sizes of our kids. They can be used.

Socks, gloves and underwear(new) would be great too.


Ask your neighbors! Ask your friends! Ask your family members! We are in desperate need of pull -on pants/shorts of all sizes (teen/adult) for the nurse's office. Pants/shorts with drawstrings are best, but we will take anything that has been gently used or new with an elastic waist and stretchy fabric. Thank you for your help!


Kirsten Dreese, RN


We will use this section to upload our discussion questions that we will use with the students to build relationships. This year we will focus on SOCIAL AWARENESS :


-Perspective Taking


-Appreciating Diversity

-Respect for Others

Use this information to have some conversations with you kids as well.

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Breakfast/Lunch Schedules

Breakfast Daily : Regular Day 7:00 - 7:30; Late Start 8:00 - 8:30

*Regular Day Lunch

All Stars, Blue Angels, Harris, Stephens, M. Cargill 11:00 - 11:25

Transformers, Heat, Stone, St. John 11:30 - 11:55

* Late Start Wednesday Lunch

All Stars, Blue Angels, Harris, Stephens, M. Cargill 11:20 - 11:45

Transformers, Heat, Stone, St. John 11:50 - 12:15

Free and Reduced Child Nutrition Application

State and Federal Covid Regulations regarding free lunches for all students has ended.

Please complete the FREE & REDUCED LUNCH APPLICATION to determine your child's eligibility for lunch cost.

All Schools - $1.95
Adults - $2.20

Elementary - $3.10
4th & 5th Grade Center - $3.10
Intermediate - $3.10
Middle School $3.10
High School - $3.45
Adults - $4.23

School meals are an important part of your child's education. Look at the Federal Eligibility Income Chart on the Free and Reduced Child Nutrition Application to see if you can get some help with school Breakfast and Lunch.
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STOP IT Crisis Text Line

We are pleased to announce that Deer Creek has enrolled with Crisis Text Line provided by STOPit Solutions. Crisis Text Line is a platform that serves anyone, in any type of crisis, providing access to free, 24/7 support via a medium people already use and trust. A live, trained Crisis Counselor receives the text and responds, all from a secure online platform.

Being in crisis doesn’t always mean wanting to take your own life. It means any painful emotion and anytime you need support. If you find you are in crisis you can follow these simple steps to reach out to a Crisis Counselor:

1. Open you STOPit App

2. Press the Crisis Text Line button

3. You will be connected to a Crisis Counselor

4. You will then text back and forth with the Crisis Counselor. You never have to share anything you don’t want to.

5. Counselor can provide other resources that may be available depending on the crisis/situation

6. The conversation typically ends when you and your Crisis Counselor both feel comfortable deciding that you are in a “cool” safe place and your Crisis Counselor may provide resources.

Download the STOPit App to get access to Crisis Text Line
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