"Too Fast For You's" New Product!

What It Does:

the quick changer uses robotic arms to put on whatever clothes you want when you need to get somewhere quickly or when your late for a special occasion or meeting.

How The Machine Works

when you have bought our product, you have to put it close to a closet/dresser, because thats where you'll get your clothes from. when in use, you have to step on the platform in order for the arms to put the clothes on you. how will the arms put on your viarety of clothes you say? well, each of the robotic arms are programmed to do there own job. one of the arms is used to grab the clothes and put on any clothes that have buttons, another arm is used to put on non-button clothes, and the third arm is used to put on shoes. Each arm reaches up to 4 meters!

Some Of Our Top Engineers

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Frequently Asked Question's

Many questions are asked about the quick changer like, how do you know it works? and, is it safe to use? and the most important one, is it effective? well, we know it works because we have our top engineers that actually build the machine on the job. this machine is safe to use, for it is programmed to not hurt people, but to put clothes on them. it is effective and will help you get to those special occasions fast! (this product can be found on the internet and at costco). and by the way, bryan is the monk!