with Andersons' Catering and Soul Food

Want to host a dinner party and actually enjoy the guests and the dinner?

Well, now you can! Hire me Chef Suki of Suke's kitchen at Andersons Catering and Soul Food and I will serve and cook for you and your guests at your home, from custom cocktail hour to a to die for dessert.

So let Andersons put the fun back into your parties, events and family gatherings!

No minimum on Rent-A-Chef bookings. Prices may vary and depend on the number of total expected guests. For more information contact us. Mention and print this flyer and receive 10% off of your first ever Rent-A-Chef affair!

Andersons Catering and Soul Food

We specialize in Down home cooking that will transport you back to your grandma's kitchen. Visit us and view our menu and our promise to you, the customer.