FAP Annoucements

Week of January 25th

Community Outing

Just a reminder that we will be going on our community outing to Woodland Bowl and 96th Street Steakburgers this Friday, January 29th. Please make sure your child is dressed comfortably and that they are wearing socks! :)

Positive Behavior Incentive

We are staring a new class wide positive behavior incentive. The class will be earning something special once we get a BINGO on our Classroom Bingo Board! We are really excited to work together towards a common goal!


Please check iPads every evening! We have had several iPads crash because there are so many games downloaded. Make sure to close out programs each night since they "run" in the background and tend to make the iPads run slower. Delete any unwanted pictures, emails and text messages.

Thank you!

Book Drive

RSI will be doing a NEW or LIKE-NEW book drive in honor of Mrs. Susan Jordan the Amy Beverland Elementary School Principal who tragically lost her life yesterday.

If you have any new or like-new books you would like to donate, please send them in for this school wide community service project. They are open to usable books for K-12 classrooms. We will be putting a small sticker inside each book noting the donation is in honor of the principal, as a way to carry on her legacy and impact on the educational communities she has served.


We are running low on kleenex again! Please send some in if you are able to! We are seeing lots of runny noses and would like to keep the spread of germs to a minimum!


Best Buddies

Please let me know if your child's buddy is having difficulty communicating with your son or daughter. They should be making contact with your son or daughter a few times a month. If needed, I will talk to the buddy.