SLS Weekly Update

September 10, 2021

Upcoming PD

September 14 3 pm- Opals Refresher

October 6 with Project Look Sharp all day- Council

October 14 3pm- Factcite for Grades 4-8

October 19, 3 pm- Marketplace training

November 4, 3 pm- Newsbank training

Dec 2, 3 pm- Sora Book Talk for Elementary

Dev 7, all day- Council with Project Look Sharp

Dec 16, 3 pm, Sora Book talk for Secondary

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From Claire at SCRLC

Hi everyone,

As you may have seen on NYLINE from Ryan Perry, got a face lift! New features include:

  • Smoother navigation with faster page loads
  • Browse collections by Topics and Type from the main page
  • Organizations' landing pages now have location maps
  • Collection landing pages have image captions and links to similar collections
  • Backend improvements that make it easier to edit and maintain

But what I really hope you'll go check out is the new Immigration in New York State, 1650-1950 exhibit, found here:

We did our best to find images from around the entire state, and I want to highlight the SCRLC members whose materials could be included in this exhibit:

We found a lot of great gems and stories while putting this exhibit together, so please take a look.

If you'd like to put together an exhibit on NY Heritage to highlight your materials, let me know and we can make it happen. The platform is simple and available to all of our members.

Hurray for history!



If you are interested in attending NYSCATE, BOCES can help with the cost. I do ask that you give back by presenting what you learned in some way- an article to share, a presentation, or another creative way you think of. Please use the link below to print out the registration form, fill it out and return to me. I can purchase the registrations together.

DigCit Summit Call for Proposals

There is a state wide group of BOCES folks who are asking for proposals for the upcoming DigCit Summit taking place in October. The information below explains what the summit will look like, including the topics on which we are hoping to have people present a pre-recorded video. The videos do not need to be professionally created….they could be you or a panel or you and students presenting via zoom or a recording of you doing it. The videos should be 45-60 minutes in length. If you are interested in submitting a presentation proposal for consideration, please submit it here: Please let me know if you have any questions.

Digital Citizenship Month

The 3rd week of October has traditionally always been #DigCitWeek and we’ve been celebrating each year since the first Digital Citizenship Summit was hosted in 2015. Since the inaugural #DigCitSummit, we’ve hosted events in the UK, Twitter HQ, Spain, Mexico, Ireland, Canada, Nigeria, Cameroon, Kenya, and all around the United States. Last year, this group partnered with Belouga who hosted a 24 hour Summit where we modeled how to #UseTech4Good around the world. Sessions were presented in Arabic, English, Portuguese, and Spanish. We welcome sessions in any language.

Please Join Us This October

This year we are modeling our #DigCitSummit around the #SameHere Mental Health Awareness Month event that happened the entire month of May. In partnership with Belouga, we’ll host a session a day throughout the month of October and we’d love for you to choose a possible topic below and invite a diverse group of panelists to join you for a pre-recorded conversation that has an actionable item for participants to do each day during the month of October.

Digital Citizenship Topics:

· Digital Wellness, Balance & Mental Health

· Accessibility & Inclusion

· Media Literacy

· Digital Literacy

· Social-Emotional Learning

· Connected Learning

· The Global Goals & SDGs

· Student Agency & Student Voice

· Personalized Curriculum & Instruction

· Gaming & Gamification

· Emerging Technologies

· Project and Passion Based Learning (PBL)

· Social Media for Social Good