Snow and Safety Announcments

NOT a Snow Day!

I've texted back and forth with Mr. Dave. He said that there are a couple of slick spots in their parking lot (I'm sure they're probably the spots where there would normally be puddles), but everything is generally clear.

So, we are ON for tomorrow, even if Metro Nashville Schools are closed.

Definitely use your best judgement about the safety of your family, if the roads in your area are not safe, don't risk it or do plan on coming a little late. We'll all understand!

Everyone drive safely and be careful entering the building! See you all tomorrow!

Important . . . Parking Lot Safety

Please remind your children to be especially careful in the parking lot at HCC.

They are short. Cars are tall. They can be SO hard to see.

Be especially careful when you are pulling out of parking spaces. It's easy to miss a child who is in front of or behind your vehicle.

We had a very near miss this past week at the end of our Community Day. No one wants that to be the way our CC day comes to an end.