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Heavy metals can cause serious bodily harm

Heavy metals
Heavy metals can cause serious bodily harm. They spread through airborne dust, falling down to the ground and then penetrate through our nose or mouth into the body. One of the biggest polluters is lead.

A venomous substance that affects brains, kidneys and nervous system
Especially young children are susceptible to. Heavy metals are emitted by industry and traffic. They are released by the burning of fossil fuels and waste. They are both falling down as suspended matter.Fast Food Foojoo Software

Health Effects Metal Consequences
Arsenic (As)
Non-ferrous companies Lung and skin tumors in chronic poisoning, often fatal acute ingestion Cadmium (Cod) Non-ferrous metals, steel and cadmium processors

Acute lung damage if inhaled, damage to kidney and skeletal fatal chronic intake, reduced fertility
Chromium (Cr) Non-ferrous companies Carcinogenic by inhalation of chromium 6 +

Copper (Cu) Non-ferrous metals and agriculture acute lung liver damage if inhaled Mercury (Hg) Color-alkali industry

Impair lungs and nervous system in inhalation of elemental mercury, damage to kidneys and brains when taking particularly organic mercury compounds

Nickel (Ni) Non-ferrous metal recycling companies and catalytic materials Allergy and irritation on skin contact, ingestion cancer, asthma inhalation of nickel carbonyl

Lead (BP) Non-ferrous companies Damage to the stomach and intestines, anemia, nervous system damage, growth and learning disabilities, impaired fertility