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Welcome Back!

Welcome back to Donna Clovis and Kelly Wishart! I know many students are excited to have both of these staff members back at HSN. If you haven’t seen them, please find time to seek them out and say hello.

News & Notes

I know I mentioned it last week, but another thank you goes to Patti Walsh for putting together the Holiday Happy Hour at Mercer Oaks. It was a real nice opportunity for so many people to spend time together outside of school. It was also great to see Mike Z come back and catch up with everyone.

Teachers, if you are interested in having students visit your classroom for help, tutoring, etc. during lunch, please give them a pass. We are trying to tighten up students eating lunch in the academic hallways. A very straightforward way to do this will involve only letting students out of the main hallway area who have a pass to a teacher.