South Korea

An Asian peninsula in the Pacific Ocean

Land and Climate

South Korea was slightly larger than US state Indiana and Hungary. There was a border between North Korea and South Korea ( the 38th parallel) where the Korean peninsula was divided at the end of WWII. South Korea's climate is temperate, and is mostly covered with forests. Hills and Mountains are common in the east. The high humidity makes it colder in the winter and hotter in the summer. Fall and spring was the most pleasant times during the whole year. There is a season called Monsoon and it is during mid-July and mid-August.


South Korea is a great country, filled with call kinds of 'cool' culture. Religion in South Korea varies throughout the country. Most, South Koreans are Confucianism, but is not considered a religion, though most people do all the rituals and ceremonies. 23% of South Korea is Christian and 26% Buddhist. Food is also a big part of the South Korean nation. One of the most favorite food and most common food is Kimchi (as seen above). They also eat a lot of rice, like most of their neighboring Asian countries. In South Korea, most people wear 'Western-Style clothing'. Korea has an active fashion industry.


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