Family Stucture

By: Abby Doherty

Modern Chinese Families

Most modern Chinese families consist of 3 generations. The elders (the grandparents), who are greatly respected in the Chinese families because they carry the knowledge from their past, then there are their sons and their wives and their unmarried daughters, the children of the son.

Family Power

In most Chinese families the grandfather in the "leader" of the house-hold/family. The grandmother also holds a great amount of power as well. They uncles and aunts can help with raising the children of their siblings but they parents of the child has a greater authority over the children.


Traditionally Chinese families they value boys more then girls, because when the girls got married they would leave the family and not pass on the family traditions, while the boys keep the family name and make the family wealthier ect...

Alike and Different

The differences between the Chinese and the American is that whenever a girl gets married they do leave the family name but they still carry on the family traditions most of the time.Another thing is that both genders are valued the same in most cases.