John smith

By:Jordan marchionna


You think that captain john smith is just a sea captain,but there is more that meets the eye. John smith was a fearless and adventures man. John smith made peace with the Powhatan Indians. John smith was a remarkable leader and a strong person. John smith accomplished a lot in his lifetime and he was a very successful man.

Facts about john smith

John smith was a adventures and fearless man who concord a lot. John smith was born in 1580.then he always wanted to be a sea captain. When he was 23 when he got his pass to sail from the king. At one point john smith was living with Powhatan Indians. He thought they were peaceful. Then they were trouble. As a boy john smith always wanted to be a leader. He got his pass to sail and he got a crew. John smith was a brave man a lot happend in his lifetime.

Living with the Indians

Living with the Indians was trouble and helpful in some ways until he passed away. Pocahontas saved john smiths life from death. Living with the Indians weren't always fun try warmth, hunting,trading,and surviving every day for five years. Gathering food and defend against nature may look easy when the Indians do it but it is really hard. Living with the Indians wasn't always fun.

Being a leader

John smith has lots of success that's why James town was a success. John smith was remarkable man who was a solder for several kings. He was made a slave he killed his master and escaped on foot. Then he got an assignment to go to Jamestown to search for gold and silver but they got stuck then he became a leader. John smith was successful and then Jamestown became a success.


John smith was an inportent man in history. John smith was a fearless person he never gave up. Smith put up with the Powhatan Indians for five years. John smith was a terrific leader he was brave and a fearless man.


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