Weather and astronomy

By: Levi and Ivan

In Mr. Warrenfeltz room we learned a lot about weather and astronomy. Now it's time to show our learning. We picked four big ideas, the moon affects the tidal waves, things in the sky affect the seasons and the weather, different celestial bodies in our solar system keep us balanced, and weather affect how we live. I hope you learn a lot from us.

Different celestial bodies in our solar system keep us (Earth) balanced

Did you ever wonder how we never bump into any planets in our soar system. It's because of gravity, the sun, Jupiter. The sun has a gravitational pull that pulls the earth around it witch gives us seasons (witch we will come back to in our next page). And Jupiter helps us too because it as a gravitational pull to pull us away from the sun so we wont go rushing towards it and burn up.

Space effects weather/Seasons

Space affects our weather/seasons by how the sun hits the earth with it's heat rays and how earth is tilting on earths axis. Earth tilts on an axis it is ether tilting up or tilting down depending on where it is around the sun. The when the sun hits the earth with heat waves it will hit more of the side that is facing the sun is summer but the other side ( the side that gets less heat waves) is winter then the other way around when earth is on the opposite side of the sun.

The Moon affects our tital waves

The moon affects our tidal waves. But how does it? Well the moon has enough gravitational pull to make the water kind of jump and group together but at other times it makes the water jump much higher.

Weather effects how we live

Weather is a big part in our life and can cause us to change how we live depending on if it helps or if it makes it worse. If you look at the chart you will see all of the kinds of things that weather works in with to make a change in life.

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More about how the moon affects tides

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That helps explain why we are not soaring toward the sun. Because of Juipiter.