Dragon Points

Faculty Meeting

Each teacher will need to bring in one classroom strategy that is working well and be prepared to share this strategy with the faculty.

Common Core

This is going to sound weird but let's go for it. The Common Core has been adopted by several states throughout the country, but Texas is not a Common Core state. There is actually a Texas state law prohibiting Common Core from being used. If you find an awesome worksheet on Pinterest or wherever that is from Common Core, then it is prohibited.


This is just a gentle reminder that if you are not in your classroom, remove your magnet to lock your door. Classrooms/locker rooms/ zone printer rooms that are unlocked and unsupervised provide students an opportunity to participate in inappropriate activities.

PDAS Self Reports

Teacher Self Reports Section 2 and 3 are due to your appraiser by April 10th. This is an opportunity to discuss all of the great things that you do on a daily basis. From there we will begin summative conferences on April 21st.


As we are in the staffing mode for 2015-2016, I will be moving a few of you around for next school year to do some balancing. This will also include some room changes.