Couleur de Séraphin

Where imagination becomes reality

Couleur de Séraphin Hair Studio Services

Our couleur experts are held to highest standards in the hair couleuring business. One step into our wonderful facility and you will be overcome by the beautiful reality that is only available here. Couleur de Séraphin.

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Twitter: @seraphinhair

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IG: Couleur_de_seraphin

Why us?!

Our hair technicians are experts and have worked with the biggest names, dyed the sexiest hair and worked with the pickiest of clients. Nothing is impossible here. Let your imagination run wild.

We also specialize in HD couleuring, a specific formula adapted to your hair, created in our own Séraphin labs.

So stop settling for average!

Become part of the Séraphin experience and find a new, imaginative you!

"Absolutely perfect!" - Oprah Winfrey

"Worth every cent"- Johnny Depp