African History Choice Board

By: Luke Han

Independence Movement, QUIZ!!!

  1. What is so special or unique about Nigeria's independence?
  2. How did Kenya feel about this? Who fought against Britain for Independence(organization)
  3. what law kept South Africa from getting independence? HINT: Segregation.
  4. what is the Pan-African movement?
  5. what group was created from the Pan-African Movement?
  6. How long was NELSON MANDELA in JAIL for opposing apartheid?
  7. When did the Pan-African movement start?
  8. What is Nationalism?
  9. Which president of South Africa ended Apartheid? Who became after?(first multi- race election)
  10. Who controlled Nigeria and Kenya after the Berlin Conference?
  11. BONUS: What was the Europeans who settled in South African called?
  12. BONUS: Who was the first president of Kenya?

African colonization Map

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Apartheid in South Africa...The Newspaper article!!!

Apartheid is a system which was designed to separate South Africans society into groups based on race: blacks, whites, Asians, and colored. This system affected the black Africans a lot. They couldn’t vote, had low paying jobs, they had to carry identification, and were segregated from the whites. Even today white people still control most of the wealth. They whited were getting powerful and rich while the blacks were suffering. This system was a South African law until 1993. Because of this poor treatment, people created a group like the African National Congress (ANC). The goal of the ANC was to bring people of all races together and to fight for rights and freedoms. The man who the leader against apartheid was Nelson Mandela. He worked hard to stop apartheid, by doing non-violence movements. Later the counties outside of South Africa supported ANC. Later the president F.W. de Klerk agreed to end apartheid and wanted to see multi-racial, democratic South Africa. Nelson Mandela was the first president in the first multi-racial election in South Africa.

21st Century Issues in Africa... Newspaper article

There are many issues in Africa today. One of these issues is drought. A drought is when there is no rain for a long period of time so there is no water. Africans need water because many people are farmers. They need the water as a source of liquid also. Kids often leave school to find a good source of water. Another issue in Africa today is poor education. Many kids don’t go to school to find clean water or there is no school near them. With no education these kids can’t get a job. With no jobs they can’t reach the standard of living and become poor. This is called poverty. Poverty is the state of being extremely poor. People in Africa have bad conditioned houses; they don’t have clean water, or sanitized food. This is led by a over growth in the population. If the death rate is way lower than the birth rate that is over population. As you can see there are many problems today in Africa. Do you think anyone can help solve it?

Independence Movement, QUIZ answers

  1. They got it peacefully.
  2. They thought it was unfair. Mau Mau fought against Britain.
  3. Apartheid
  4. An idea that there is a world wide -global African community
  5. The African Union (AU)
  6. 27 years in jail.
  7. 1800's to the early 1900's
  8. Pride in one's country. Which leads to the want for Independence.( that is how Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa got their independence)
  9. F.W. de Klerk. First president of the first multi- race election was Nelson Mandela.
  10. Britain
  11. BONUS: Afrikaners
  12. BONUS: Jomo Kenyatta