Tigua Tribe Project

By: Elin Stones

Tigua Tribe Photo


The Tiguas originally live in new mexico but then down to present day El Paso in the Mountains and Basins region

Type Food They Ate-

The Tiguas grew crops of corn, beans, squash, and sunflowers, as well as cotton and tobacco. The men in the Tigua tribe also hunted deer, antelope, and small game. At the same time women would gather nuts, fruits, and herbs.

How the Tiguas Food was Obtained-

The Tiguas would use bows and arrows to shoot the animals they hunted. When they didn't use bows and arrows they used spears to stab them. They would throw as many spears as needed to kill the animals.

Type of Dwelling they Live In

The Tiguas lived in house made out of adobe and stone. In there houses they had ladders to get to the upper part or upstairs of the house. Each of the adobe houses could hold four people or one family.

Weapons or/and Tools they Used

The weapons they used were bows and arrows, spears, and war club. They used these tools to fight other tribes or Europeans and hunt animals

Special Traditions They had and/or Religion

The Tiguas worshiped nature because they got everything from nature. They were the Kachinas , which were strong spirits, who had the ability of nature. they believed in the Mother Father Earth, War Gods who the sons of Father, Mother Earth, Sky Serpent, who brought rain, and Spider Woman who was the goddess of weaving. They had priests (Sorta) to make sure there religious rituals were carried out correctly.

Organization of Leadership

Men were usually the leaders of the Tigua Tribe. The Tiguas didn't have any specific ruler ship though.

Where are they Located Now

The Tigua Tribe still lives on to this very day in present day El Paso.

Unique Fact/Characteristic

The Tigua Tribe are the only Puebloan tribe still in Texas to this very day.
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