WANTED West Nile Disease

by: bailee turner


West Nile Virus is a disease that is caused by infected birds that mosquitoes feed off of. They then carry that virus to humans by biting us and spreading the infection.
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Mosquitoes become infected when they feed on infected birds which lead the virus to be in their blood systems for a few days. As soon as the mosquito bites humans it is easily transmitted through the body creating West Nile Virus.


Most people might have few or no symptoms if they get the virus carried to them. Usually people over 50 years old will be most likely the ones who become very ill from this disease. They are at a greater risk of the infection.

The most common injury or symptoms that happen to the victim are high fever, stiff muscles, severe headache, seizures and/or confusion. The infection can make a bigger impact by creating a more serious form of illness. It can cause brain damage, disability or in rare cases it could cause death.


approximately 80% of people who are infected will not show any symptoms.


West Nile Virus is most likely to be found wherever there are a majority of birds. It can be located mostly overseas and sometimes in the United States.The largest outbreaks occurred in Greece, Israel, Romania, Russia and USA. It depends on where the migration of birds are going or where the virus is carried to.
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Reward! $10,000,000

The damage of the West Nile Disease is severe because in some cases it can cause death. Most people won't develop any signs or symptoms that they are carrying this disease but others can painfully experience the bacteria.

No effective treatment!

Treatment is specialized through hospitalization, fluids and respiratory support but NO vaccine is available for humans.