James A. Lovell

By: H. Mohammed 5/12/16

Early Life

James A. Lovell Jr. was born in Cleveland, Ohio March 15, 1928 and grew up in Milwaukee Wisconsin. (Biography.com).Unfortunately, his dad James Arthur Lovell Senior died when James Jr. was five years old. James took education in Juneau high school and became an eagle scout, He then graduated to the University of Wisconsin in 1946. In 1948 He graduated to the United States Naval test pilot school from 1952 to 1958. www.Bing.com


James A. Lovell married Marilyn Gerlach and had four kids. He then served in the United States Navy and had a job to land airplanes on the aircraft carriers at night. (Bio.com).Becoming a test pilot then was his career. In 1962 NASA recruited James for astronaut training, he wasn’t chosen at first because of a liver condition. Lovell was chosen for the Gemini 7 flight. The mission lasted 14 days and the aircraft was the size of a telephone booth. After Gemini 7, the Apollo expeditions were planned.



James A. Lovell was chose n for the two week Gemini 7 mission which according to Biography.com was as small as a telephone booth. The mission was a success but he was chosen for the Apollo 8 mission which was the first mission to leave the Earth’s atmosphere. It was a success but he was chosen then to go on the Apollo 13 in which the oxygen tank exploded and the electricity went out. The service and command modules were destroyed but the lunar module wasn’t. James and the astronauts then used the lunar module to go back home. It was a hard journey because there was no electricity and a big loss of oxygen but the astronauts survived.

PBS: Apollo 13 -- American Space Program -- New Science Documentary 2016


James A. Lovell spent one of the longest time periods in space and completed the first mission to leave Earth's atmosphere. He also survived the Apollo 13 mission. The Apollo 13's Oxygen tank exploded but James and his crew managed to survive by using the lunar model. He then wrote a book about Apollo 13 called lost moon. A movie was then acted. Tom Hanks acted as James A. Lovell. According to Jsc.gov James was on the astronaut hall of fame for he was famous for the Apollo13.


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Fun fact: James A. Lovell wrote a book and made a movie about his space missions.