Self Selected Novel Theme Project

Heros of Olympus: House of Hades

Never Give Up and Beat the Odds

Part 1-Quotes

"I figure the world is basically a machine. ... But it chugs along the way its supposed to most of the time. Sure little pieces break of and stuff goes haywire once and a while, but mostly... things happen for a reason"
-Leo Valdez, Pg 67
This Quote shows how Leo keeps going. He believes that everything happens for a reason and things will turn out right in the end. Leo never gives up because he believes that the world will be better if he can fix the "haywire" things in it.

"You are a son of Jupiter, yet you have chosen your own path... You cannot control your parentage, but you can control your legacy."
-Notus, Pg 102
Jason has decided to move on from the stereotype of his predecessors. The typical son a Jupiter is very destructive and alone. Jason will not give in and is determined to write his own destiny.

"Whenever he felt like giving up, plopping himself down, and dying (which was, like, every ten minutes), He reached over and took her hand, just to remember there was warmth in the world."
-Percy Jackson, Pg 135
Percy and Annabeth are trapped in a seemingly hopeless situation. The only way out is guarded by the underworlds strongest monsters. Neither will give up on the other, so they both push on and never give up.

Never Give Up and Beat the Odds- Bethany Hamilton

Soul Surfer

In 2003 on the Hawaiian island of Kauai, thirteen year old surfer Bethany Hamilton was bitten by a fourteen foot tiger shark. In the attack, the shark took away a chunk of her board and most of her left arm. After recovering she headed back out to the waves and re-learned how to surf with only one arm. She has since become a professional surfer with many titles. She was able to keep going and beat the odds through supportive friends, family and faith. Bethany says her faith in God really helped her through the whole ordeal. Bethany never gave up, and has become an icon of beating the odds around the world.

This shows that even though House of Hades is a fictional book, people beat the odds because they don't give up in real life too. The theme of a fictional book can often be transferred to real life.

Part 3- Personal Experience

This year, our FIRST robotic team didn't give up and beat the odds by taking second place at regionals this year. We were hesitantly hoping to be picked for a final alliance and didn't expect to go as far as we did. Our team is relatively new to the program, only three years total, so we were very excited to be picked. On the second day of competition, our robot's arms broke and needed to be repaired. A couple people took them back to the shop to fix them, while the drive team quickly learned to compete without them. Against the odds, FRobotics won second place in the Greater Pittsburgh Regional.


This is the FIRST robotics logo, the competition we competed in.
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