My career choice

For mrs. Baumy class

My Job!!

My Job is a Telecommunications Engineering Specialists

Job description and Education requirments

Job Description: To create new technology and work with other people doing it.

Job education: Bachelor's degree, Post-secondary certificate, Associate's degree

Day to day task, Job out look

Day to day:1) Communicate with telecommunications vendors to obtain pricing and technical specifications for available hardware, software, or services.

dd Job outlook: 15%

Other benefits/compensation

Travel around the country, yearly salary 91,000, 40 hours of work week


Stanford University

Annual cost: 62,801

financial aid: Loans , Scholarship

Admission requirements: Application

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Annual cost: 58,732

What financial aid: Loans Scholarship, Work Study

Admission requirements: Application

California Berskely

Annual cost: 59,554

What financial aid is offered: Loans Scholarships Work Study Exemptions

Admission requirements: Application, SAT and/or ACT score