The Battle of Amiens

By: Bruce

Where did the Batte Take Place?

The Battle of Amiens took place east of Amiens in Picardy, France. The Battle of Amiens started August 8th and ended September 12th. The battle was a decisive win for the Allied Powers.

Who were the Leaders?

All of the leaders in power at the time were Ferdinand Foch from France, Douglas Haig from the British Empire, Henry Rawlinson also from the British Empire, Marié-Eugéne Debany from France, Georges Humberr from France, Georg Van Der Marwitz from Germany, and Erich Lundenoff from Germany.

How many soldiers died in the Battle of Amiens and what was the strength of the armies fighting?

The Battle of Amiens resulted in 44,000 casualties to the Allied forced. About 1,080 Canadians were killed, 2,800 injured, and 29 taken prisoner. The German divisions suffered 75,000 casualties.

The Allied Forces launched an attack of nearly 75,000 Soldiers, 5,000 tanks, and nearly 2,000 planes. The strength of the armies fighting in the Battle of Amiens consisted of 19 British Divisions, 12 French Divisions, One American Division, 1,194 French Air Crafts 800 British Tanks, 10 Active German Divisions and 4 reserved German Divisions. A division normally consists of 10,000 soldiers.