A Comuinst Country

Regulations the Government imposes

Some restrictions that the government puts on businesses is it takes 400 days to complete the required licensing process to start the businesses. Also the government is delaying proper structural reforms. Then incorporating a business cost is well above the average income of one person.

Zimbabwe vs. The United States

When it comes down to business freedom Zimbabwe does not compare to the United States because Zimbabwe's Business freedom is well below average at below 40 percent and has always been below average since 1995. The United States has always been above average and is at 85 percent in 2015

What does Zimbabwe Value

Somethings that Zimbabwe values is Cecil the Lion, Since someone had just shot him, so the government could make a big profit selling Cecil the Lion merchandise. They also value things that represent there country like places in Zimbabwe and jewelry that is from Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe Issues Vs. United States Issues

Some issues that Zimbabwe is facing is that there leader Robert Mugabe is linked to a long chain of human rights abuse, also there whole country is in poverty where and even though they have good resources they have to rely on expense outside resources. The only problem that the United States has in common with Zimbabwe is that a majority of our people are either in poverty or are low middle class
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