Impact on teen pregnancy

By:Itzel Carrera

Teens getting pregnant at an early age?

Each year there are more and more teens getting pregnant each year, nearly 750,000 teens in the U.S will become pregnant before they even turn 20. In Florida this year there were more than 52,000 births to teen mothers.In the last 20 years the numbers of pregnancies have striked up a lot.

*In 2010, 614,000 pregnancies occurred among teenage women aged 15-19

*Mississippi has the most highest teen pregnancies every year

*Across Indiana, 25 teenagers become pregnant every day - enough to fill a


*Lots of teens get pregnant by events like prom homecoming graduation or other events like that

Teen Birth Rates

In 2013, there were 26.6 births for every 1,000 teen females ages 15-19,which is a lot because before like in the 1990's there was not very high numbers of teen pregnancies as there is now.Still, the U.S. teen birth rate is higher than that of many other developed countries, including Canada and the United Kingdom.According to the U.S government 51% teen pregnancies are non-hispanic ,about 60% are hispanic and 36% black teens.In 2010 New Mexico had the HIGHEST teenage pregnancy the rate was 80 out of 1,000 , then Misssissippi had 76%,Texas 73%,Arkansas 73% too Louisiana 69% and Oklahoma 69% The lowest rates were in New Hampshite 28 out of 1,000,Vermont 32,Minnesota 36%,Massachusetts 37% and lastly Maine with also 37%

Extra Teenage Pregnancy Info

  • About 25% of teen moms have a 2nd child within 24 months of their first baby
  • The United States has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the west.
  • Less than 2% of teen moms earn a college degree by age 30.
  • More than 50% of teen mothers never graduate from high school.
  • 3 in 10 teen American girls will get pregnant at least once before age 20.
  • Parenthood is the leading reason that teen girls drop out of school.
  • 8 out of 10 teen dads don’t marry the mother of their child.
  • A sexually active teen who doesn’t use protection has a 90% chance of becoming pregnant within a year
  • In 2008 the teen pregnancy rate among African-American and Hispanic teen girls, age 15 to 19